On board Ribelle with owner Paola and Salvatore Trifirò


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On board Ribelle with owner Paola and Salvatore Trifirò

Paola Siniramed Trifirò does everything with love, passion and joy.

Paola’s tips for building a boat:
• You must first have clear ideas. Even the best designers can’t reach a perfect result without clear indications of the spirit and the goal in the owners’ hearts
• Dare to have what you really want. You can’t let the shipyard tell you that something can’t be done • You’ll only be living your dream if your style comes out on your boat
• To totally enjoy nature and to relax, you must have as much natural light as possible in the interior
• If you plan your spaces well and only bring things that you truly love aboard, you’ll live very well
• Pay attention to the layout. Only an owner can know personal habits and necessities. Some things can’t be changed later without destroying the boat

World Superyacht Awards 2020: Virtual Highlights


BOAT International

The 15th annual edition of the BOAT International World Superyacht Awards was hosted for the first time as a special virtual event on Friday 13th November 2020. Almost 60 nominees were whittled down by a discerning judging panel of 20 current and former yacht owners.

VIDEO World Superyacht Awards 2020: Virtual Highlights


Paola Siniramed Trifirò, Owner of 33m Vitters sailing yacht Ribelle 

The Judges of the World Superyacht Award